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Gamble to Win: Roulette

by R. D. Ellison

European Wheel Winner!, November 4, 2002
Reviewer: pornstarjames from BIRMINGHAM, WEST-MIDLANDS United Kingdom

This Book it has to be said is Intelegently written, contains all you will need as far as information (not experience, that you'll get with time), and well worth investigating. Not having access to American style roulette wheels didn't stop me from winning a load of cash at all but one of my local Casinos. If you are already a Roulette player you cant help improving your play as a result of reading this book.
The stratagey wins, simple. The problem is those times when it doesn't. ...REMEMBER - this book is NOT a bullet-proof vest! You can still be gunned down.
But, I have to admit, overall I have so far shown a profit after following this system and the others in the book. Bravo Mr. Ellison. at least this book has paid for itself!!

No better book out there, September 14, 2002
Reviewer: sherry56 from Ft. Wayne, IN USA

Of all the gaming strategy books I have read, the Gamble to Win series has been the most helpful and informative to me. These books take you more into the head of the professional gambler than any other. And now, with Gamble to Win Roulette, the author apparently offers a strategy that reverses the casino's mathematical edge. For my money, there is no better book out there.

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