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Get the Edge at Roulette: How to Predict Where the Ball Will Land!

by Christopher Pawlicki, Frank Scoblete

Book Description

With specialized backgrounds in two engineering disciplines, Christopher Pawlicki has been a highly sought-after consultant in the defense industry--and in this book he gives you, the roulette player, the ultimate weapons to wage war against a seemingly unbeatable game. Pawlicki shows readers how to find and play biased wheels and how to recognize and exploit deep-pocket wheels that are more susceptible to bias tracking. He shows visual wheel tracking techniques and how to sector slice to increase the speed and accuracy of predictions. Also discussed is the new world of internet roulette and how it differs from the real-world game.

Very Thorough Analysis of Real Ways to Win at Roulette, October 20, 2001

Reviewer: Donald Whisnant (see more about me) from Salisbury, NC United States

This is an excellent book and one of the first to thoroughly explain and analyze all of the *legal* ways to win at roulette. It starts with a mathematical analysis of the common "systems" and shows why these can never win in the long run, but at the same time shows how to use these to "play for fun" while minimizing your losses.

The book then goes on to explain the real methods of winning including things like biased wheel detection, visual prediction, and dealer bias (a.k.a. dealer signature). It closes out with a guaranteed way to win with online casinos.

I've done extensive research on roulette, and this is one of the first that gives a very clear, well defined way of performing visual wheel tracking - and who better to explain it than the "spin doctor". I won't say that it is easy to master, but at least definitively shows how it can be done.

I do wish that he would have also explained more of his experiences with and/or knowledge of "illegal" methods, like electronic prediction. Those are always fascinating to read about.

If you are looking for real ways to win at roulette, or to at least play without losing so quickly, this book is definitely worth the reading.

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