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Roulette for the Casual Gambler

by Jack Short

Roulette for the Casual Gambler

Book Description
Roulette for the Casual Gambler provides a starting point for the novice, guiding the new roulette player toward an understanding of how to design your own betting strategy. It contains charts of over 2,700 authentic roulette spins (at casinos, not machine-generated) against which you can test your own strategies. The goal is to give the casual gambler a better shot at winning, or at least holding losses to a minimum.

About the Author
As a member of the U.S. Army in World War II, Jack Short served with Special Services, entertaining the troops as a magician and educating G.I.'s on how sharp card mechanics and dice operators could fleece them with impromptu barracks games of poker and craps. He brings that same desire to protect the unknowing to this book, sharing his personal wealth of knowledge gathered through years of experience in casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Indian reservations.

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