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The Basics of Winning Roulette

by Jack Short

The Basics of Winning Roulette

Inconsonant Description of How to Play Roulette, January 26, 1999
Reviewer: A reader from Memphis, Tennessee

The overall idea for this book is good -- a simple introduction to playing roulette accompanied by some short examples of winning systems, but some how that gets lost in the translation.

The description of how to play occupies a good 60% of the book, but numerous typographical errors, and worse yet, technical errors plague this description. For example, the five-number bet illustrated on page 21 isn't the correct five-number bet at all, but rather is a three-number bet on 0-2-00. This is real confusing for the first time roulette player, which is the only real target audience for this book.

In addition to technical errors and typographicals, there are many out-right contradictions. For example, on page 40 we read "What they don't know is that there is no law of averages.". On page 43, we read "... as we have shown, the game is one of pure chance governed by the law of averages...".

Only one common winning system is mentioned, the Martingale, and then the author turns around and says that it really isn't a good system because of losing streaks and suggests just "playing numbers". Why did the author not chose a "good system" and explain mathematically why it is a good system? Or is he trying to say that no such system exists and that the only way to win is not to play?

For those looking to learn to play roulette and then extend their knowledge to include a good description of some of the common winning systems, I'd have to suggest "All About Roulette" by John Gollehon and "Secrets of Winning Roulette" by Marten Jensen, rather than this book.

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