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All About Roulette

by John Gollehon

All About Roulette

John Gollehon discusses many fascinating concepts about roulette, along with the time-tested "wheel bias" method, and offers his own strategy that involves "clocking" the dealer.

All About Roulette, September 12, 2000
Reviewer: Ganesh V Bhide from New Jersey, USA

"All about Roulette" by John Gollehon is a good introduction to the game of Roulette. It describes how the game was originated, and goes on to explain various aspects of the game. The author tells about the equipments which consists of wheel, table, ball, bet and the chips. The game begins with the rotation of wheel by dealer and the cycle is complete when the next game begins. This cycle consists of various small steps. This description is helpful to understand the process. The chapter 'How to play' explains various types of bets including inside/outside, odd/even, red/black, straight up etc and tells what is wager and how the pay-off is made by dealer. The chapter 'Improving the Odds' gives various ways by which a player may like to increase the chances of winning. The author has suggested the reader to play on "European Style" wheel which has a single zero so more chances of winning money. Playing the single 0 wheel, Clocking the wheel, Clocking the dealer, reading a dealer's mind are some of the aspects which author has touched. It gives a good idea to the general reader. The language is humourous and light one which maintains the interest of the reader to complete the book in one sitting. For the beginner all the bets, wheel, chips, layout of table are explained in detail. Author also describes the built in advantage the casino house has. It gives a clear idea of how much a player is likely to lose because of the bias in favour of casino. When a beginner plays the game, he is certain to overlook many small things like placing the bet only after the dealer playes the ball, picking up the wager when the bet is won etc. This book makes him aware of those aspects so that he is well prepared for the same. The book is handy. However, compared to other books the price is steeply on higher side. Other books in the same price range describe many other games. The reader may find in them more value for the money. But overall it a good introductory book for the game of Roulette.

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