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ABC's of Online Roulette Game

This site is here to help educate you about this popular casino game. You will find useful info about where to play roulette online, how to get the best winning odds, best deposit bonuses and where to find the slickest game graphics... Enjoy our site, Play Some Free Roulette Games.

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Top Online Roulette Tables

Compare winning odds, bonuses and graphics across internets most popular roulette casinos.


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English Harbour

Table Details

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Casino Las Vegas

Table Details

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Aces High

Table Details

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Windows Casino

Table Details

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Play Free Roulette Games

Get in the mood for playing this game for real money by practicing on our free tables.? Have fun and try to implement the roulette strategies and tips explained on this site.? Your pocket book will appreciate it!

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Gold Roulette

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Roulette Payouts/Odds

Online casinos publish their payout reports on monthly basis.? The chart below will give you an idea of where your chances of winning at roulette are the highest.

Casino Las Vegas 98.89%
River Belle 98.36%
Silver Dollar 98.33%
English Harbour 98.16%
Aces High 98.10%
Lucky Nugget 97.77%
Windows Casino 97.34%
Gaming Club 97.32%
Casino-on-Net 96.81%

Learn more about roulette odds

Continue to browse this website and you will learn about playing online roulette, best casinos to play roulette at, game history, how to play it, using winning strategies etc. If you find our site informative why not recommend it to a friend?

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How to Play Roulette

Ask anyone about the casino and there is a good chance that the first thing to spring to mind is the roulette table: the fantastic rotating wheel - a wood and-chrome precision masterpiece - inset in a sea of multicolored felt. There are 38 blocks on the wheel, with numbers ranging from...

Roulette Strategy

Learning the game of roulette is far from difficult, but finding a strategy that actually optimizes your game-play is about as difficult as tasks come. The math behind the game is straightforward. Consequently, many people have...

Our Favorite Roulette Casinos

Great deposit bonuses, fair payouts and exceptional customer service.

Quick Roulette Tips

Now that you know how the game is played, and you know how to play it (which is considerably different), you want to have the best possible chance of winning. Following are some tips that should help you along the winning road...


.. So he changes all the gold into a huge pile of roulette tokens and goes to one of the tables, where the players gaze at him with disbelief...

Good Ways to Play

There has been a substantial number of books written about roulette systems. Among the most popular systems is the Martingale system, in which you double your bet after each loss: and then there is the reverse Martingale roulette system...

Online Roulette Game King - free games, strategy, odds, books, articles, news and more.

Flow Trader - Great financial resource - articles - current stock market analysis etc.

Blackjack Game King - play strategy, payout charts, odds, free games and more.

Online Slots King - free games, strategy, odds, books, articles, news and more.

Book Reviews

Here you will find reviews for most popular books about roulette. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Detailed strategies explained.? Learn how to beat the machines and much more.

Latest book review - All About Roulette

Roulette Game History

Roulette, translated as "small wheel" is the most popular game of chance in Europe. A very primitive version of roulette was introduced in the 17th century by the French scientist, Blaise Pascal...

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Inside / Outside Roulette Bets

The table is divided into two sections, called the inside and outside bets. On the inside of the layout you can wager between one and six numbers. Payouts vary depending on what spots or combinations you bet on. The outside roulette bets include red or black...


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